last updated: 1/16/14



The resources of the Psychophysiology Laboratory reflect ongoing interest in the application of electrophysiological approaches to the study of CNS function. A variety of EEG and ERP tasks have been developed and implemented (e.g., tonal/phonetic and novelty oddball tasks, mismatch negativity tasks, auditory loudness-dependency task, dichotic listening tasks, visual half-field tasks, word/face recognition/working memory tasks, cognitive control tasks). Many of these tasks also provide behavioral measures of brain asymmetry. In one protocol, ERPs to emotional stimuli are supplemented by electrodermal measures of autonomic activity. In others, the topographic features of the resting EEG are explored, particularly brain hemispheric asymmetries. For these purposes, the laboratory maintains two 72-channel BioSemi ActiveTwo EEG recording systems with Neurobehavioral Systems Presentations® and NeuroScan Stim2® task control software, a 49-channel Grass EEG systems with NeuroScan acquisition software, each associated with a sound-attenuating IAC booth, and a movable 16-channel Grass EEG system, as well as other hard- and software essential to conduct this research.


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