Surface Potentials and Spherical Spline Topographies (avi file 5.8 MB)

Surface potential (SP [µV]) and Spherical Spline (CSD [µV/cm²]) topographies of right-handed healthy adults (n=30) and depressed patients (n=28) for Emotional Content (left) and Visual Field effects during hemifield presentations of emotional stimuli (pictures of cosmetic surgery patients showing disordered [negative] or healed [neutral] facial areas before or after treatment). Single columns show the respective difference topographies (i.e., "negative minus neutral" and "right-visual-field (RVF) minus left-visual-field (LVF)"). Shown are the topographies in steps of 50 ms after stimulus onset -- click on the image to load and play the complete AVI animation (0 - 995 ms).

The grand average ERP waveforms comparing both groups for Emotional Content ERPs Group x Emotional Content or Visual Field ERPs Group x Visual Field effects can be viewed in Adobe acrobat format.

Compare these findings to those of our previous study. Surface Potentials - Group x Emotional Content (gif animation 2.43 MB)


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