New York State Psychiatric Institute
last updated: 9/30/16

The links below point to various software implementations and/or source codes developed at the NYSPI Psychophysiology Lab. Each development is provided 'as is' with no warranty whatsoever. The use is strictly intended for non-profit scientific research purposes. Although there is no charge or any other usage fee, different terms of use apply as indicated for each development. It is generally presumed that use of any of these developments for any published research will be acknowledged in compliance with scientific standards and ethical conventions by referencing the respective URL and/or the original publication associated with the software development. By downloading and installing any of our software you are agreeing with these terms.

  CSD Toolbox home  

CSD Toolbox: MatLab implementation of a spherical spline algorithm (Perrin et al., 1989) to compute scalp surface Laplacian or current source density (CSD) estimates for surface potentials (EEG/ERP)



    Appendix of Kayser & Tenke 2003  

erpPCA: MatLab implementation of BMDP-4M algorithms (Dixon, 1992) for temporal PCA of ERP data, using the covariance matrix for factor extraction and covariance loadings for unrestricted Varimax rotation (Kaiser’s normalization)



    PolyRex home  

PolyRex: General purpose converter of BioSemi's 24-bit data format (*.bdf) to NeuroScan's 16-bit data format (*.cnt)



    TST home  

TST: PC-based version of a simple tone screening test requiring pitch discrimination and sustained attention originally developed by Wexler et al. (1998) for use with a Macintosh computer



    eBridge home  

eBridge: Matlab function to identify channels in a continuous or epoched EEG recording that are linked by low-impedance electrical bridges

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