last updated: 4/6/2001



Acquiring a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University, Nil Bhattacharya became a member of the psychophysiology lab in 1998. He is primarily involved in technical manipulation and conversion of electrophysiological data, programming and data recovery for the Macintosh platform, and data acquisition for the Depression studies. Having a background in both psychology and engineering, Nil is ultimately interested in the use of mathematical and physical models to analyze psychological phenomena. To that end, he has used FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) techniques to study the lateralization of the alpha band (7.8-12.5 Hz) of resting EEG among patient populations. Recently Nil has also acquired and analyzed electrophysiological data using the Electrical Geodesic 128 channel system. As a side project, he has created and maintains this website. Nil plans to continue his research activities in graduate school.