Craig E. Tenke
Research Scientist V
Div. Cognitive Neuroscience

NYS Psychiatric Institute
Dept. Psychiatry
Columbia University
College of Physicians & Surgeons

Psychophysiology Lab
Div. Cognitive Neuroscience, Unit 50
(formerly: Department of Biopsychology)
New York State Psychiatric Institute
1051 Riverside Drive
New York, N.Y. 10032-2695
FAX 212-543-6540


   Institution                                 Degree          Year                 Field of Study
Suffolk County CC, S.U.N.Y.           A.S.            1971               Science
Stony Brook, S.U.N.Y.                     B.A.            1972               Psychology
Queens College, C.U.N.Y.              M.A.            1976               Neuropsychology
City University of N.Y.                     Ph.D.          1983               Neuropsychology
Albert Einstein Coll. Med.              PostDoc      1984-1987      Neuroscience


Teaching and Research Appointments
1971-1972      Lab Assistant, SUNY Stony Brook (S.Rosen/J.Stamm)
1973-1980      Adjunct Lecturer, Dept Psychology, Queens College
1975-1981      Grant Assistant, Queens College (G.Hakerem and J.Kirman)
1981-1983      Scientific Programmer, Dept. Sexual Behavior, NYSPI (G.Abel)
1982-1984      Scientific Programmer, Dept. Psychophysiology, NYSPI (G.Bruder/S.Sutton)
1984-1987      Research Trainee, Albert Einstein Coll. Med. (J.Arezzo/H.Vaughan)
1987-1988      Research Associate, Albert Einstein Coll. Med.
1988-1990      Research Scientist, Dept. Sexual Behavior, NYSPI (J.Becker)
1988-present  Research Scientist, Dept. Biopsychology, NYSPI

Awards and Professional Activities
Community Scholarship (1968-1969); NYS Regents Scholarship (1968-1972); RPI Scholarship (1968-1969); B.A. Summa Cum Laude(1972)
Research Traineeship Albert Einstein Coll. Med. (1984-1987); NYSPI Schizophrenia Research Award (1991-1993)

Associate Editor (2008- ) and Editorial Board (2003-2008) Clinical Neurophysiology ; Grant Review for Stanley Medical Research Institute (2006)
ad hoc reviewer for various journals, including Clinical Neurophysiology; Psychophysiology; Biological Psychiatry; Journal of Neuroscience; Brain; Brain Research; Journal of Affective Disorders; Medical Engineering & Physics; International Journal of Psychophysiology; Neuroimage; IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering; Neuropsychobiology; International Journal of Neuroscience; Biological Psychology; Journal of Psychopharmacology; European Neuropsychopharmacology

Fellowships and Grants
1975-1981      Tactile perception study (PI: Dr. Kirman)
       Dept. Psychology, Queens College, CUNY
       Role: grant assistant
1981-1983      Study of adult sex offenders (PI: Dr. Abel)
       Sexual Behavior Clinic, NYSPI
       Role: computer programmer
1982-1984      Behavioral, ERP and EEG Asymmetry in Affective Disorders (MH36295, PI: Bruder)
       Dept. Psychophysiology, NYSPI
       Role: computer programmer
1984-1987      Post-Doctoral Traineeship, under Drs. Vaughan and Arezzo
       Dept Neuroscience, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
       Role: Post-Doctoral Trainee
1987-1988      ERP generators via intracranial recordings in macaques (MH06723 ,PI: Arezzo)
       Dept Neuroscience, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
       Role: Research Associate
1988-1990      Study of Juvenile sex offenders (PI: Dr. Becker)
       Sexual Behavior Clinic, NYS Psychiatric Institute
       Role: Research Scientist
1990-1997      Endogenous ERPs in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (PI: Towey)
       Dept. Biopsychology, NYSPI
       Role: Research Scientist
1991-1993      Departmental Schizophrenia Research Fund Award (Recipient: Tenke)
       Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons
       This award produced the pilot study leading to MH50715 (PI: Bruder)
1998-2001      Emotion and Mood Disorders: ERP/EEG and EDA Asymmetries (MH058346, PI Kayser)
       Dept. Biopsychology, NYSPI
       Role: Research Scientist, co-investigator
1998-2000      Rehabilitation of Prospective Memory Deficits in Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease (PI Raskin)
       Dept. Psychology, Trinity College, Ct
       Role: Research Scientist, ERP consultant
1999-2002      Shared Equipment Grant Geodesic Sensor Net EEG system (1S10RR11460-01A2, PI: Bruder)
       Dept. Biopsychology, NYSPI
       Role: Research Scientist, co-investigator
1988-present      Behavioral, ERP and EEG Asymmetry in Affective Disorders (MH36295, PI: Bruder)
       Dept. Biopsychology, NYS Psych.Inst
       Role: Research Scientist, co-investigator
1995-present Brain ERPs and Cognitive Demand in Schizophrenia (MH50715, PI: Bruder)
       Dept. Biopsychology, NYS Psych.Inst
       Role: Research Scientist, co-investigator
1999-present      EEG in Children at High and Low Risk for Depression (MH36197, PI: Weissman)
       Dept. Psychiatry, Columbia University
       Role: Research Scientist, co-investigator
1999-present      Temperamental Low PE in Preschoolers and Depression Risk (MH069942, PI: Klein )
       Dept. Psychology, SUNY Stony Brook
       Role: Research Scientist, EEG Consultant
2002-2009      Olfactory and Social Function in Schizophrenia (MH066428, PI: Malaspina)
       Dept. Medical Genetics, NYS Psych. Inst.
       Role: Research Scientist, co-investigator
2008-2010      Olfaction and Emotion in Depression: Behavioral, electrodermal and ERP Measures (MH082393; PI: Kayser)
      Div. Cognitive Neuroscience, NYSPI
       Role: Co-Investigator
2008-present      Understanding the Role of Belief in the Resilience of Families at Risk for Depression: Religion, Brain Structure, Function, Genetics       (Templeton Foundation; PI: Weissman)
       Role: Advisory Board
2011-present      Biosignatures of treatment remission in major depression (MH092250; PI: Weissman, Parsey, McGrath)
      Dept Psychiatry NYSPI
2011-present      Time-Frequency Measures for Predicting Response to Antidepressants (R03 MH094356; PI: Bruder, Tenke)
      Div. Cognitive Neuroscience, NYSPI
      Role: Principal Investigator


1998-2003; 2005-2011       Ruling Elder, Presbyterian Church of the Moriches
    Church and Society Committee: Sermons, articles and letters on Science, Diversity and Faith, (including Intelligent Design and Sexual Minorities);
     Discussion groups;  church webpage;  Habitat for Humanity ;
2007-2011   Sunday School Teacher (Jr/Sr High School)
2001-2006    Council on Education (Presbytery of Long Island)   Young Adults Work Group
2001-2007   Honoring All Voices   (ad hoc parnership of congregations within the Presbytery of Long Island)

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