last updated: 4/6/2001



Craig Tenke has worked as a Research Scientist in the Psychophysiology Lab since the early 1980s until his unexpected passing in 2017. After his undergraduate work on event-related potentials (ERPs) in macaques at SUNY Stony Brook, he studied the spectral correlates of brainstem stimulation in the limbic system of the rat as a graduate student at CUNY, and the intracranial generators of sensory, motor and discriminative ERPs in macaques as a post-doctorate at the Department of Neuroscience, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. While his full time work at NYSPI concerned all aspects of ERP and EEG studies in clinical populations, Dr. Tenke maintained a keen interest in the implementation of mathematical and statistical models to describe electrophysiological components and generators, including source localization and technical algorithms.


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